Do you REALLY think I don’t want to work?

Photo by Doug Maloney on Unsplash

Who’d a thunk it? I’m rich!

Photo by Patrick De Boeck from Pexels

Is manscaping really that big a thing now?

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

Buckle up. I’m about to say something you will not like.

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

It was too close to the possible future here in Texas.

Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

With apologies to Coolio

Image of Trump as the devil.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Discovering how little you are genuinely valued in Corporate America

Photo by Jean-Luc Benazet on Unsplash

He keeps talking about a failed AIDS vaccine mandate. There IS no AIDS vaccine, so how could there be a mandate?

Hypo needle held upright.
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Isn’t it time to accept they’ve always been around?

Woman wearing glasses tossing her hair in nature.
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She knew the awful truth and could do nothing to stop it

Photo by Jared Murray on Unsplash

John Lewis

John Lewis was born in Europe, and came by both wanderlust and curiosity from that beginning. He considers this his Third Act in Life.

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