The things I’ve seen over time

I was born in the middle of the last century.

It was a time before artificial satellites, the British Invasion, and color television. We added a couple of states to our roster, just because we could.

We DID later have to contend with missiles in Cuba, an escalating arms race…

Whatever gets you through, right?

It’s winter here in Texas right now. Cold all over, ranging from snow to ice to other nastiness. You have to face one other thing, too.

Power outages that can last from several minutes to several days — or even longer. …

Easy solutions to complex problems.

Like me, you watch films for the escape from everyday life.

Also like me, when something happens for which there’s an easy and obvious solution, it lifts you right out of that story and the suspension of disbelief.

The runaway automobile

You’ve seen this countless times over the years; a car or truck…

Little Bits of History VIII

Paul Winchell had a long and successful career on stage, screen and TV.

Paul and his dummy, Jerry Mahoney, were famous in the early days of broadcasting. He did so much voice talent and ventriloquist work that lasts to this day, from Dick Dastardly for…

The dumb things that stories never explain.

The brilliant, brilliant — but Mad as a Hatter genius villain with the plan that will supposedly

  • conquer the world
  • destroy his or her enemies
  • make Justin Bieber compulsory listening 24/7

Are they truly that smart, though? Aren’t they simply defeated by incredibly dumb writing where they hope you checked…

John Lewis

John Lewis was born in Europe, and came by both wanderlust and curiosity from that beginning. He considers this his Third Act in Life.

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