I Am Now A Member of the 300 Club

My conquest continues

John Lewis
2 min readMar 28, 2022


Photo by Tatiana Zhukova on Unsplash

Feeding my unicorn the other day, it struck me that my follower count had now passed into Terrific 300 territory.

When the letter arrived with my prize selections, I was surprised to see that only ONE membership perk was awarded at this level.

Lueders, Texas Main Street Source: Wikipedia

An all-expense-paid stay in the beautiful town of Lueders, Texas, near Abilene and home to 346 people at last census count.

It was also where one-half of my immediate family originated from. Granddad is buried there.

There’s a lot to see and talk about in Lueders, provided it has to do with the oil industry, the heat or cold weather experienced, or the many ways that limestone can be quarried and dressed for construction. A fascinating topic at any time around the dinner table, riveting the kids into their seats with awe and glue-like rigidity. (Well, maybe not glue-like, truth be told.)

Not to worry, though. There’s the awesome catching of Texas Horned Lizards — Horny Toads — or TCU students (“Horned Frogs”) trying to escape Ft Worth — for the younger set to while away the hours with. There are also Dirt Dobbers (ant lions) galore who just love having sand kicked into their burrows so you can watch it be shoveled out again by the irritated bugs.

Of course, I already knew all of this stuff, having visited this small oasis of Texas culture as a boy. How do I look forward to seeing the old haunts again.

Wonder what I’ll get to do when 400 subscribers roll around?



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