MORE Movie and TV Tropes That Bug Me

You can count on seeing these at some point

John Lewis
3 min readMar 30, 2022


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I’ve written about this before.

Now strap in tight, we’re about to go down this path again!

Nice job if you could ever get paid for it.

It never fails. In a scene involving a service being rendered, you never see someone whip out their wallet and pay for what they received. While this has gotten better over the years, it still happens enough to catch your eye. How people in the movies get paid is anyone’s guess.

Subhead: shorting the payee. At times you’ll also note that when cash is used, there’s just no way that what was forked over was the right amount. A prime example would be when the tab is stated as “five bucks” and the guy is handed two bills in payment.

Must be a two and a three with no tip.

Where to, again?

Romance efforts are all guilty of this; two folks have a meet-cute. They like the cut of each other’s jib, one of them says I’ll meet you later at dinner. They then go their separate ways. Now they would have to be communing via ESP, as they never stated a time or place for this dinner. Guess people are randomly showing up at places all over town, hoping to hook up with someone haphazardly met that day on the street.

Subhead: the threat by the heavy/bad guy.

This is related to when you see a bad guy confront the good guy and threaten him/her with all kinds of evil things. There’s just one problem.

The good guy is a complete stranger to the bad guy. Unless they’re about to throw down at that moment, how does the bad guy know who to go after, and where for that matter?

The incredible materializing weapon.

TV shows in particular are guilty of this. The good guy is completely disarmed then suddenly out of nowhere produces a weapon as needed.

A good example is in an episode of the Highlander TV series, where Adrian Paul produces his samurai sword while wearing nothing but a speedo. Just WHERE was he keeping it? Up his…?

An all-knowing informant.



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