Still MORE Movie and TV Tropes That Bug Me

You can’t unsee them when you know

John Lewis
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Technically, these would not be considered tropes, but rather continuity errors that were left in by editors who probably figured no one would catch them.

They tend to jump out at me, because I have editing experience and notice this kind of stuff.

This one is fairly recent. Notice the sudden change in the whipped cream level in the milkshake that was never touched by anyone in that scene above. Not only is it a waste of a perfectly good confection as they leave, but it looks like the topping is suddenly transported to another dimension in nanoseconds.

This tends to happen a lot in cinema due to sloppy continuity editors, whose job is to make sure things like this don’t happen.

This is one frequently seen, and glossed over; clothing that appears and disappears without any warning. This can also be due to scenes shot out of order, on different days, and no one wrote down what the wardrobe was for that sequence.

Another thing to watch for is almost anything involving food and drink. Above is one of the most famous examples of a continuity gaffe; either Julia Roberts was wolfing down industrial amounts of pastries every second, or they shot the scene and forgot she was supposed to be eating a croissant rather than a pancake. This happens on TV quite frequently if you pay attention to the levels of glasses on the table in dining scenes as well. They go up and down randomly as you move between shots.

Now you can’t unsee this stuff either. Enjoy!

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